Friday, March 28, 2014

Thing 2

I didn't have one of the devices that thing 2 had links to tips and videos for, so I did a Google search for "tips and tricks" for my specific device.  There were a lot of websites with information, and ranging from basic things like how to access the notifications screen, to things about how to access "developer options," which I will probably never touch again in my life.  I waded through a good amount of tips, and although some things were over my head, and others I already knew--which boosted my confidence--I did learn some good and handy things.  

I found out how to take a screenshot on the device, which is the rather unintuitive result of pushing two specific, but unrelated (either to each other or to screenshot-making) buttons at the same time.  I find it somewhat less simple than the website had said, but after pushing and holding or not holding the two specific buttons over and over, I am able to now take a screenshot.  This could come in handy at some point, I guess.

I learned how to put my contact info on the home screen of my device in case it gets lost by me and found by someone else.  A good thing.

I learned about different network modes, and changed mine from the default "global," which is superfluous for me.  From what I read, though, I don't think it actually does anything different on "global" so long as I remain in the country.

I also found out that my device can act as a USB storage drive if I hook it up to a computer, and that was a good find.  Very good to know for if I need to store or transfer something when I do not have a flash drive with me.

I learned some good things, and I hope to continue!  :)

Thursday, January 30, 2014

23 Things - Thing #1

When I think of a knot, I think of a difficulty of some kind in life.  They can be pretty large, or as small as a minor aversion to something, and I think that new things can fall into at least the latter sometimes.  A completely new thing can be hard to start on, if only because the lack of knowledge about the task leaves it seeming large.  It may not be that big, but the unknown has potential for almost anything, and so it may seem larger in one's head. 

I think new technology things can be a bit of a knot for me.  Well, new things in general, but especially new technology things.  I'm not a technophobe, but I'm certainly not a technophile either, and making this blog and getting to this post took me a while.  Doing it was straight forward enough, but getting from "I might do that today," to "I will do this today," took a bit.  But now here we are.

I'd like to get more knowledge about these new technology things from this "23 Things" program.  I really haven't kept up with all the new things because of busyness and just general lack of  great interest, so having to do this program will be good. 
In addition, I hope this program will help with undoing some of my technology knot, I guess.  Getting more knowledge should help with my aversion to some of it, and I hope that that acquired knowledge will also make me less hesitant to try new technology things in the future.